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Welcome to iInnovate

TalentinpersonInnovation by frontline staff – 100% of front line staff in every business are involved in service related work, dealing with people influencing and persuading them to purchase, buy, invest in the business’s products / services. Many have received training in the area of selling and customer care, yet very few have been encouraged / trained in how to be innovative; to express, share, develop and implement ideas in their place of work (a place of work that no one knows as well as they do).

iInnovate aims to help you improve your small business by innovation using existing resources such as frontline staff and their experience and ideas. We aim to increase footfall, turnover and ultimately the bottom line by formally working with staff in sowing the seed of innovation and being encouraged to be innovative (without breaking the bank) by developing and implementing actual business improvement ideas, that have always been there, but never implemented because staff were not asked and because of other business distractions.

These great business ideas and their implementation will have a direct effect on the business and sales, all leading to enhanced and exceptional service and delivery to its customers and ultimately increased customer spend. This will also have the direct effect of both tangible and intangible benefits for individual and team moral, resulting in an ethos of stronger teamwork, increased motivation and a consistent willingness to improve that will become an on-going process in the business i.e. become part of their job and working day every day.