What does Innovation mean to you?

Innovation in precise terms can be defined as introducing something new to services or products. It does not have to be ground-breaking or world shattering, however and more importantly to be called innovative, an idea must be repeatable and capable of being brought to market and be cost effective. However, it is not necessary...
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The importance of training front line staff

Front Line staff The importance to any organisation of having first class well trained front line staff cannot be underestimated. Your organisation can vary in size from just 3 to 3,000, but for the potential customer or any other visitors, the person handling those initial transactions is the organisation. Quality customer service Nowadays very few businesses operate...
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Customer Service – Core skills

Retailers constantly bemoan the fact that one of the features of the current recession is the reduction in footfall through their doors. Therefore it is vital that those customers who visit your store don’t go away empty handed. It is common practice for retailers to spend sizable amounts of time and money on training front-line staff...
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