Is this customer service…?

I had the experience of shopping in a large local retail store and a local small shop recently, where I met with three staff members who served me in some form during my visits.

My first encounter was the weekend shopping list which consisted of 15-20 items. I done the aisles, located what I wanted and proceeded to the checkout. I put the items on the conveyor from which the cashier checked them in and requested the money. All fine so far. I paid her the amount, they gave back my change and receipt and I proceeded to fill my shopping into the grocery bags. Instead of helping me fill the bags, they sat back on the chair, folded their arms and waited until I had my packing done. There were three customers waiting to be served.

I then proceeded to go upstairs to purchase a similar kitchen item that I had received the week previous (my second encounter). I went to the location where it had been, to find that there were none there. I seen a person in a suit, wearing a badge ‘Assistant Manager’ and asked them if the item was available. They hardly acknowledged me, went to the location, seen that there were none there and said, ‘We have none’. I asked if there were any in stock. With a grunt and attitude, they left me to go to the store (I think), came back and said, ‘We have none’ and left me standing there.

My final and third encounter was when I visited a local store to purchase a can of paint priced at € 4.99. I gave the person € 10.00 and they gave me € 5.00 in change. It was only €0.01 cent short, but felt that it wasn’t the money, but the principle of they not given me the right change. It wasn’t a mistake; it was a decision on their part.

Is this customer service…?

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