Customer Service, from who…?

I have had the experience e in the past two weeks to be served by different people, of different gender, in different retail businesses who were all of different age groups.

The first was a man of mid-fifties, who I spoke to about repairing / replacing my laptop. Once I had walked in to his premises and even though he was with a customer, he was immediately anxious to serve me, without effecting the business relationship / transaction with the other customer. He listened to my problem, told me that he was sorry that he could not help me and gave me the name of a business that would help me. He took my details, so to contact me in case he could help me in the future. I left that business in the knowledge and intention that I would come back very soon again.

The second was another man this time in his mid-thirties who wasn’t expecting me to call just before closing time. I wanted advice on a software problem. I asked, ‘Have you a minute?’  He said, ‘I’m in the middle of something!’. I said, ‘I just want to ask you a question’. ‘Ok’, he said. This initial 10-15 seconds of ‘first impression’ was not good on my part. I asked about my software problem, a price was given with the attitude ‘take it or leave it’. I left his place of work saying, ‘I will not be asking him for advice again or indeed doing business with his business.

The third customer service experience was in a restaurant with a waitress who was in her early twenties. Pleasant lady who I know very well and she would know me. Even though she did not specifically serve me and the restaurant was busy while I was there, she did not make it her business to acknowledge me, say ‘Hello’ or ask how I was. Nothing has / had happened between us. You might say that I should have been the first to say hello, but the fact that I was in her place of work, eating in her restaurant, giving her business, I strongly felt it was her place to welcome me and make me feel welcome in her place of work.

 Two out of three was bad for me on these experiences and they may not see me again. The one that was a good customer service experience will most definitely see me again.

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