Enter Employee-related Business Competitions…

Over the past number of years many awarding bodies have focused on employees. We all know or have heard about all the innovation, product and service awards and may have entered them, but not many organisations / business owners would put themselves, their organisations and indeed their employees forward for an award that involves employees being interviewed to ascertain is the organisation in which they work in a good place to work in, is it managed well and are they the employees involved, asked for their opinion in how the business is ran.

Three organisations come to mind that specifically interview the employees and based on their responses, the organisation receives a score and subsequently an award if they meet certain required criteria:

  1. Excellence Through People
  2. Great Place to Work Institute
  3. Deloitte Best Managed Organisation

I know there are others locally, nationally and internationally. There are many challenges / concerns to entering these competitions, yet there are many more benefits. Before sharing the benefits, some of the challenges / concerns might be:

  • What if we fail, receive a low mark and don’t receive an award
  • What if the employees do not wish to participate or participate against their will
  • Could it effect the operation / production as employees prepare for it
  • Will it increase business
  • Will it increase employee involvement / loyalty
  • Will it be an on-going event
  • What will it cost us to enter, prepare for it and keep it current

Benefits include:

  • Employee engagement
  • Employee involvement
  • Sense of team spirit
  • Goal focused
  • Employees learn about the business
  • Higher standards are developed, achieved and sustained
  • Increased accountability
  • Policies and procedures developed
  • Clients and customers witness many tangible and intangible benefits
  • Potential to increase footfall, turnover and business
  • Attracts good potential new employees
  • Your organisation can become publicly recognised and
  • Seen as a great place to work in

Research the business awards that are available to you locally initially, then nationally / internationally. Choose an awarding body that focuses on your employees / your business i.e. is your business well managed, well run, is a great place to work in…?

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