How it works

See below how iInnovate works and how it can help transform and transition your business through your staff’s own initiative, creation and innovation. As we shared earlier in the website, 100% of front line staff in every business are involved in service related work, dealing with people influencing and persuading them to purchase, buy, invest in the business’s products / services. Staff are rarely asked for the opinion or input. iInnovate aims to change all that and help small business’s increase footfall, turnover and ultimately the bottom line by formally working and involving staff in re-innovating the business.

These innovation ideas and their implementation will have a direct effect on the business and sales, all leading to enhanced and exceptional service and delivery to its customers and ultimately increased customer spend. This will also have the direct effect of both tangible and intangible benefits for individual and team moral, resulting in an ethos of stronger teamwork, increased motivation and a consistent willingness to improve that will become an on-going process in the business i.e. become part of their job and working day every day.

By the end of this intervention your staff / team will:

  • Understand the concept and constant need to be innovative
  • Learn how to be innovative
  • Understand that challenges and change are a fundamental part of business existence
  • Evaluate and analyse where they have been, where they are now and where they want to be in the business
  • See the business from the outside in
  • Recognise what makes exceptional customer care and service
  • Identify customer expectations – and the reality that they experience
  • Recognise the factors that build customer loyalty
  • Be more self-confident and assertive
  • Identify the parts they play individually and as a team within the business
  • Develop and implement new innovative business ideas collaboratively that are sustainable and deliver on the bottom line

Content / Design / Approach

  • Part 1 (Owner / Manager not present)

    Get it off your chest, the boss isn’t listening…! What does our business, the place where we work mean to us? What benefit are we / can we be to...

  • Part 2 (Owner / Manager present)

    Brainstorming session (Explain and outline Brainstorming Rules and Guidelines) Brainstorm all developed ideas from Home play Put in order of interest / priority / realism / sustainability (with focus on...

  • Part 3 (Owner / manager present)

    Choose the top 5-7 ideas to action using the 5 W’s / 1 H approach (What, Why, Where, How, Who, When) all the time considering financial investment analysis....

  • Part 4 – Follow-up (Owner / Manager present)

    Upon intervention completion, a one hour meeting will take place at 1 month, 2 month and 3 month intervals to review the five ideas, their implementation success and their effect...

  • Benefits

    Staff encouraged to share actual thoughts about working in and for the business and where problems / issues can be actioned and solutions addressed / implemented Collective analysis of where...

  • Duration

    Three consecutive Wednesday’s from 7.00-9.00pm (or a different day / time agreed by the Owner / Manager / Staff) Three one hour meetings @ 1 month, 2 month and 3...

  • Training Facilities

    Training Facilities – Intervention will take place at the business’s main premises or a location of choice by the business / staff...

  • Budget Summary

    Investment by the business in the initiative: € 495.00 (paid at end of the three day intervention) € 495.00 (paid at end of three month intervention) Total investment = €...