The importance of developing people skills

When recruiting your customer service staff what skills do you regard as priority? Does your recruitment policy include the evaluation of people based on their emotional intelligence? What personal qualities do you look for in your recruitment process?

Successful business leaders now see that sales persons who have that wonderful ability to sense what is most important to the customer or the employee who has the ability to build relationships, or to excel when it comes to helping an angry customer, calming them down and being helpful and reasonable about their complaint are more likely to strongly influence the success of their enterprise. These are the people who are emotional intelligent who have developed or hold the core competency of self- awareness and also competencies in self – regulation, self- motivation, social awareness and social skills.

Emotional capacities like empathy and flexibility and self- awareness draws on the different brain areas to cognitive abilities and the possibility of learning and developing these skills may be difficult for some of us to acquire. However it is possible through training and development to build these competencies. Indeed theses skills can often have additional benefits in the management of relationships across other areas of life in the home and the community.

People are often un- aware of their lack of emotional competencies and research indicated that under performers often lack a range of competencies including;
(i) self- management which includes efficiency, adaptability and resilience
(ii) Interpersonal which includes caring for and managing customers care and team-working

Through training and development these skills can be acquired, improved and built upon. It often involves looking at new ways of thinking and acting, changing the way in which people view the world and manage their social and emotional demands. Sometimes we must get rid of old habits before we learn new ones.
All of this can have an impact on your company’s turnover and profit but more importantly on productivity and absenteeism, staff moral and motivation. It may not be the answer to all your problems but it may go a long way to solving some.

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