• Staff encouraged to share actual thoughts about working in and for the business and where problems / issues can be actioned and solutions addressed / implemented
  • Collective analysis of where the business is today as a business and where it wants to be (by all staff)
  • Discussing and addressing challenges and problems in the business as a team
  • Develop, design and implement innovative concepts and innovation into the business
  • Staff encouraged to take the initiative
  • Staff working as a team
  • Staff autonomy / ownership mentality
  • Reading, viewing and learning from a hands-on retail business book and TV reality shows by Irish business men and Irish business women who built successful businesses in difficult challenging times through being innovative
  • Identifying individual and team competencies
  • Front line hands-on approach with the only focus being on increasing footfall and bottom line profits through inexpensive innovative ideas
  • Staff will display creativity, innovation and strategy in the achievement of business goals through these innovative ideas and new ways of doing things

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