Three ways to inspire your staff…?

As we enter the depths of winter, people find it more difficult to leave their bed and go to work, don’t you agree? Wind and rain crashing against their window pane, yellow / red weather warnings from weather forecasters and the thought of another day ‘in the office’ can stifle the motivation out of you. Imagine then how your staff feel before they even go to work and face your customers. So, how can you motivate these people who you have hired, trained and developed to be the front face of your business?

1. Well done!

In Alex Ferguson’s Book ‘Leading’, he writes that the two most important words in business are ‘Well done’ i.e. publicly complimenting and acknowledging your staff. He says that this can significantly increase attitude and work ethic, resulting in more work being done through happier staff members. Upon hearing these two words, there is an immediate positive reaction internally for them and externally for their customers and peers. You have just inspired them!

2. Smile!

As a manager and leader you need to be seen as a role model. It is you the staff look up to, take queues from and strive to meet your expectations. When your demeanour i.e. facial expressions, body language and tone of voice are welcoming and open, it will have a direct positive effect on your staff. In her book ‘Spark, How to re-ignite your passion for life and how to become the person you always wanted to be’, Norah Casey dedicates a full chapter to smiling. Smile authentically with / at your staff and you will inspire them!

3. Celebrate!

Giving extra money to your staff is always appreciated, but many business academics questions if it is a long term motivator. Consider celebrating success with your staff when turnover figures are exceeded, projects are completed successfully, on special occasions such as celebratory occasions in the calendar year, staff member’s birthdays or every day Friday there is afternoon tea & cake or end of month lunch. In his book ‘How People Tick’, Mike Liebling talks much about celebrating success in business. Go out of your way, pay for the small event and you will have inspired your staff!

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